Welcome to our library of billiard horrors. You will shutter to the real life accounts of the author as he loses focus during a match. Venture into the dark world of aging, and discover its effects on pool games. Know what to tell your league captain the next time he criticizes your shots. And if you can stomach these tales of horror, you just might get a few pointers on the physics of pool, or how to shoot top or bottom english without driving the cue ball into your opponents eye socket. It's all in fun, but with a serious side that I hope gets through.

Before one can learn, it is important to know how to understand the advice given. Different teachers have different methods of teaching. Before reading our shooting tips, please read A Note From the Teacher.


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Jackass Shooting Pool Syndrome
The Pool Hall
Aging With Pool
Dress To Win
A Case for Legalized Gambling
Coaching With Empathy
Mark Your Pocket
"Cappy, Cappy, You've Ruined My Life"
Changing of the Guard


Physics of Pool
Long and Straight
Draw and Stop Shot
Aiming II: Throw
The Masse'
Selecting a Cue Stick
Sweet Spot
Follow Shots


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