Pool People

It is a little known fact that the first game of pool was played by our ancient ancestors over 15 million years ago. In fact, the first club used to entice a young lady into a cave was fashioned from the butt of a cue. Women were slow to accept the game for many years thereafter, and still flinch when men pick up cue sticks. Many of our pool playing instincts can be traced to these early days. If you are a player, you have probably felt them deep in your gut when you are on the money ball.

The "Pros" page will continue to grow as we add pictures we have taken of the pro players at various tournaments. The "Pro Pool Rankings" page provides a monthly update of the rankings of the top 20 players, both men and women. The "Family Album" page contains pictures of my pool playing family. I hope it grows as well, but not as a result of any direct influence by Pat and me. Harry Crabtree is a player I admire, and I dedicated the "Pool People" button on our home page to him. Now I ask you. Has anyone ever dedicated a button to you?

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