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In Loving Memory of Jim Meador




In Loving Memory of Jim Meador


Once upon a time there was an old artist who loved to shoot pool and play with computers. He met a girl who struck his fancy. She was bright, the right age, hard working, a little wacko, and best of all, available. They did girlfriend/boyfriend stuff, discovered it was good, and decided to keep it up....aaaah, continue.

The guy was a an obsessive pool player who, in addition to art, loved to write about things. The girl had never played pool, but exhibited nauseating patience by sitting transfixed for hours while her guy played anyone who could make a bridge without dropping the stick. Little did he know she was studying and analyzing every shot.

Six months after their first date, the girl (a grandmother yet) indicated her interest in playing the game, so the guy started teaching her. After one year of instruction the girl took second place in a race to 7 nine ball tournament, competing against a field of 46 reasonably advanced players. She had, to say the least, a talent for the game.

Following two more years of doing stuff together, they started hearing about the Internet. It sounded like another good thing. It was, so they got on.

The idea of their web site, Billiard World, is to offer stuff that is fun to read and non toxic. The wacko's boyfriend thought it might be a good idea to offer suggestions and advice on the game from the viewpoint of an average player. Whatever that is.

The guy (a grandfather yet) had pretty simple ideas about the game, and about all of the little sticks and chalky stuff that is required to knock the balls in the pocket....or off the table. Pool is, after all a sissy game that anybody can play, and should.

After publishing a few stories the guy, fool that he is, decided to offer shooting tips. Most are sound, but a few are probably suspect. So, if you decide to take the advice offered, it might be a good idea to get a second opinion.

The web site has grown almost weekly, with the addition of pool art, player rankings, pictures and stuff like that. More will be added because compulsive obsessive can't stop.

That's about it. We hope you have fun with us. If you don't, its probably because you are reasonably intelligent and wisely selective. Or maybe not.

After visiting our site, offer some advice. (As if we'd take it.)

Pat Stokes, Publisher
Jim Meador, Mr. Publisher  (In Loving Memory)

 Chuck Meador, Webmaster